Support for Ukraine

Statement of Support for Ukraine

On behalf of our respective editorial boards, we share the news that the WAC Clearinghouse and the Association for Writing Across the Curriculum have issued the following statement of support for Ukraine.

The WAC Clearinghouse Editorial Board and the Association for Writing Across the Curriculum (AWAC) Executive Board stand with the board of the European Association for the Teaching of Academic Writing (EATAW) in expressing solidarity with our colleagues who are affected by the Russian government’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine, which we recognize as a violation of international laws, an attack on human rights, and a threat to civilized society. We also stand in solidarity with our colleagues at institutions of higher education in Russia whose rights and freedom have been threatened by their government for speaking out against this unjust war.

The boards of the WAC Clearinghouse and AWAC also join EATAW in pledging our help and support to our Ukrainian colleagues who are directly impacted by this unprovoked violence. This may include virtual consulting and class visits, scholarly resources, and support for the development and publication of anthologies as work is undertaken to rebuild and strengthen educational programs and institutions. Together, we express our strong collective desire for an end to this conflict and the preservation of Ukraine’s independence.

We encourage other professional organizations in writing studies to join us in extending support for our colleagues in Ukraine and Russia and seeking a peaceful resolution to this conflict.

Mike Palmquist, Publisher, The WAC Clearinghouse
Professor of English
Colorado State University

Ann Blakeslee, Chair, Association for Writing Across the Curriculum – on behalf of the AWAC Executive Board
Professor of English
Eastern Michigan University