Executive Committee

The AWAC Executive Committee is comprised of the Incoming Chair, Chair, Past Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer. This committee is charged with:

  • setting policies for the general operation of the organization
  • approving the budget and authorizing additional expenditures
  • authorizing committees and giving them specific charges
  • setting dues for various classes of membership
  • reviewing agendas, committee reports, proposals, and other materials presented to the Board
  • proposing amendments to the Bylaws
  • overseeing distribution of funds for supported projects
  • managing membership
  • managing election cycles
  • documenting organization activities and making these documents available to AWAC members
  • filing tax forms and documents related to 501(c)(3) status, in order to keep the organization in compliance with regulations
  • holding annual business meetings

Executive Committee Members

Stacey Sheriff, Chair Colby College
Michelle Cox, Past Chair Cornell University
Ann Blakeslee, Incoming Chair Eastern Michigan University
Justin Rademaekers, Secretary West Chester University of Pennsylvania
Laurie Britt-Smith, Treasurer College of the Holy Cross

All Executive Committee Members

Michelle Cox, Cornell University
Stacey Sheriff, Colby College


The AWAC Executive Committee meets monthly, and is joined by the full Executive Board quarterly. Minutes from these meetings are available to all AWAC members.