Executive Committee

The AWAC Executive Committee is comprised of the Incoming Chair, Chair, Past Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer. This committee is charged with:

  • setting policies for the general operation of the organization
  • approving the budget and authorizing additional expenditures
  • authorizing committees and giving them specific charges
  • setting dues for various classes of membership
  • reviewing agendas, committee reports, proposals, and other materials presented to the Board
  • proposing amendments to the Bylaws
  • overseeing distribution of funds for supported projects
  • managing membership
  • managing election cycles
  • documenting organization activities and making these documents available to AWAC members
  • filing tax forms and documents related to 501(c)(3) status, in order to keep the organization in compliance with regulations
  • holding annual business meetings

All Executive Committee Members

Justin Rademaekers

Doug Hesse

Cris Elder

Laurie A. Britt-Smith

Paula Rosinski

Kristi Girdharry

Swan Kim