The Association for Writing Across the Curriculum (AWAC) was launched in April 2018, and emerged from conversations held at CCCC 2016, IWAC 2016, CCCC 2017, and CCCC 2018. It held its first meeting in at IWAC 2018, elected its first Executive Board in November 2018, and became a member-supported organization in January, 2019.

AWAC was filed as a non-profit organization in the state of Florida in October, 2018, and was certified as a 501(c)(3) organization in the United States in November, 2019. AWAC’s tax ID is 83-2268770.

The formation of this organization was driven by a desire to create a group that could coordinate efforts among existing WAC organizations and ensure their sustainability, as well as enlarge the WAC community and promote new scholarship, collaborations, and activities.

History of AWAC (March 2016-November 2018)

AWAC Working Group (March 2017-November 2018)

March 2019 CCCC Business Meeting Annual Report 

December 2019 Letter on the first year of AWAC (sent to WPA-L, WAC-L and the Consortium on Graduate Communication listserv)

December 2019 Letter on the first year of AWAC (sent to AWAC members)