IWAC Conference Committee

In connection with AWAC, the IWAC Conference Standing Committee sponsors the International Writing Across the Curriculum Conference on a biennial basis. IWAC Conference Committee is charged with selecting hosts for upcoming conference and ensuring proper management of the conference, including approval of preliminary budgets, review of reports on conference activities, and distribution of funds following the completion of the conference.

The IWAC Committee will consist of directors of the previous five IWAC Conferences and one member of the AWAC Executive Committee who is appointed by the AWAC Chair and serves in an ex officio capacity. Should a previous director be unable to serve, the Committee will select an alternative member of that hosting team or an available director from an earlier conference. The Committee will be chaired by the immediate past conference director. In the event that a conference has more than one director, those individuals shall serve as members of the Committee, sharing a single vote, or, with the agreement of the co-directors, one director may assume the duties of committee chair. All members of the committee must be dues-paying members of AWAC.

The IWAC Committee

  • Publicizes the call to host the next conference. This will occur roughly 180 days prior to the upcoming IWAC Conference.
  • Reviews proposals so as to select the location of the next conference. This will occur within 60 days prior to the upcoming conference.
  • Supports the management of the upcoming conference by its director(s), with attention to rigorous, peer-reviewed selection of conference presentations and fiscally responsible management of the conference.
  • Receives reports on the operation (including participant assessment) and fiscal status of the immediate past conference.
  • Removes and replaces, if necessary, the director(s) of the upcoming conference.
  • Works with the current conference director(s) to set priorities for expending funds for the conference, such as scholarships and international outreach, and, in consultation with the AWAC Executive Committee, other WAC/WID-related activities the organization wishes to undertake
  • Reports annually on the status of IWAC Conference and its associated AWAC account(s) to the Executive Board.

Committee Members

Mike Palmquist
Pamela Flash
Joan Mullin
Cameron Bushnell