International Collaborations Committee

The International Collaborations Committee works to fulfill AWAC’s mission to better support and grow Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) as a global intellectual tradition by collaborating with existing WAC organizations, conferences, research projects and scholars outside of the United States, as well as promoting new networks and initiatives. Through these collaborations, the committee is charged with helping AWAC members learn from WAC communities around the globe as well as facilitating opportunities for the AWAC community to share our AWAC-supported scholarship and practices globally.

Activities may include:

  • Supporting, financially and otherwise, AWAC member participation in WAC conferences outside the United States
  • Supporting, financially and otherwise, the participation of scholars from outside the United States in the presentation of scholarship associated with NCTE, MLA, TYCA, ATTW, AAUP, the WAC Clearinghouse, WAC-GO, IWAC conference, WAC institute, WRAB, and the CCCC WAC Standing Group
  • Advocate for AWAC funding to support international partnerships
  • Coordination with the Promoting Partnerships Committee to ensure international representation in AWAC partnerships
  • Providing an annual report to the Executive Board with appropriate recommendations and requests
  • Promoting collaborative international research projects and publications (journal special issues, edited books)
  • Developing regional networks affiliated to AWAC

Committee Chair

Magnus Gustafsson, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden

Committee Members

Whitney Jordan Adams
Chris M. Anson
Paul Anderson
Federico Navarro
Mary Lourdes Silva
Stacey Sheriff
Marcela Hebbard
Jeffrey R. Galin
Terry Myers Zawacki
Chaoran Wang
Carroll Ferguson Nardone
J. Clark Powers
Katy Jones