To realize its aspirations for global cooperation and exchange, AWAC—through its International Collaborations Committee—promotes the networking of academic scholars and teachers with similar interests through formal affiliations with organizations internationally. These affiliations involve the mutual sharing of benefits such as reduced conference registration fees and access to resources. More generally, the affiliations aim to foster mutual, enriching exchanges among different regions with different needs and opportunities, theoretical traditions, educational settings, and research and teaching interests related to writing across the curriculum at the post-secondary level.

Recommendations for new affiliations are drafted by the International Collaborations Committee under the direction of the (co)chairs as well as individuals designated by the affiliating organization. The affiliate agreements are then agreed upon by the governing boards of both organizations.

Below is a list to date of affiliations between AWAC and other organizations, with links to their websites.

Association of Writing Studies in Higher Education and Professional Contexts (ALES)

Thanks to the efforts of Internationalization Co-chairs Chris Anson and Federico Navarro, AWAC has established a partnership with the Latin American Association of Writing Studies in Higher Education and Professional Contexts (ALES).

ALES is a non-profit, scholarly, and democratic organization that stimulates theoretically informed and methodologically sustained writing research and writing teaching initiatives in higher education and professional contexts through the creation of a specific disciplinary space and a collaborative, critical mass of researchers and professors from various disciplines.

Affiliation Agreement


The European Association for the Teaching of Academic Writing is a scholarly forum which seeks to bring together those involved or interested in the teaching, tutoring, research, administration and development of academic writing in higher education in Europe.

Affiliation Agreement

The WAC Clearinghouse

The WAC Clearinghouse is an open-access publishing collaborative that publishes articles and books of interest to both the writing-across-the-curriculum community and the larger writing studies community. The WAC Clearinghouse supports research on the use of writing to support learning and teaching and provides a wide range of web-based resources for instructors who wish to use writing in their courses.