WAC Clearinghouse

The WAC Clearinghouse is widely regarded as the leading website supporting the use of writing and speaking in courses across the curriculum. The Clearinghouse publishes open-access journals and books of interest to the writing-across-the-curriculum community, hosts the CompPile database, provides a wide range of web-based resources for instructors who wish to use writing in their courses, and supports research in the use of writing to support learning and teaching.

The Clearinghouse editors and members have compiled the following resources to support scholarly inquiry in WAC, CAC, and ECAC; WAC program development and operation; the teaching of writing; and student writers.

WAC Resources

The Clearinghouse offers numerous resources for WAC scholars, program administrators, and faculty, including an introduction to WAC, WAC Links, a list of WAC programs, lists of scholarly journals and email lists, and several special areas devoted to issues such as writing fellows programs and teaching second-language learners.

Teaching Resources

The Clearinghouse community offers several sets of resources to support teachers interested in using writing in their courses. These include a rich collection of teaching guides, the University of Delaware’s Teaching tips, access to the archives of Bedford Bits, and a list of links to teaching resources elsewhere on the web.

Writing Resources

The WAC Clearinghouse provides a range of resources for writers. Many of these are adapted from the Writing@CSU website, which supported writers and teachers from its initial establishment in 1993 at Colorado State University. Resources include more than 80 writing guides, which cover topics ranging from developing ideas for a writing project to genres in a range of disciplines to up-to-date citation guides to systems including APA, MLA, CSE, and Chicago.

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