Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee

The goal of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee is to promote diversity within AWAC as well as across WAC more broadly.


  • Consider diversity, equity, and inclusion along the lines of: demographics/identity, institutional type, disciplinary backgrounds, institutional roles, language;
  • Keep all AWAC committees and efforts accountable on issues surrounding DEI;
  • Amplify voices that enrich conversations and inform decision-making explicitly through DEI lenses;
  • Be attentive of who the AWAC is for and the various (and variety of) stakeholders;
  • Identify challenges and strengths in achieving sustainable efforts to promote diversity within AWAC membership.


  • Identify what has been working so far to build or maintain DEI in the organization and the WAC/WID community;
  • Include explicitly in each committee’s annual report accountability of DEI efforts, especially in terms of how the DEI work is integrated as core than peripheral work;
  • Involve various (and a variety of) stakeholders in leadership and key support roles within in the conference;
  • Make language in the organization, community, conferences, journals more accessible to a wider audience and participants by removing or limiting jargon.

Committee Chairs

Sherri Craig
Stacey Sheriff


Aimee Mapes
Amit Anshumali
Ann Blakeslee
Anna Kinney
Anna Zendell
Anthony Lince
Beth Lee
Christy Goldsmith
Galia Fussell
Josef Vice
Kathleen Turner Ledgerwood
Megan Callow
Myra Salcedo
Sara Large
Sheryl Bone
Stacy Kastner