Research and Publications Committee

AWAC recognizes the vital role of research to the field and to the mentoring, advocacy, and partnership activities of this organization. The Research and Publications Committee is charged with supporting, disseminating, and developing opportunities for research on Writing Across the Curriculum (broadly defined).

In the first year, this committee will be charged with identifying informational and support needs in the broader communities AWAC wishes to serve (e.g. aggregated lists of journals interested in publishing WAC-related research, targeted research grants). To this end, committee members should reach out to research and publishing-related subcommittees and editors of the national bodies identified in the Partnerships committee to identify needs and mutual goals.

Activities may include:

  • Developing targeted research support grants
  • Supporting, perhaps through a database/clearinghouse, inter-institutional partnership opportunities for research
  • Identifying and aggregating sources of grant funding for individual and institutional research
  • Identifying priorities/opportunities for research on WAC issues
  • Coordinating proposals for special issues
  • Assessing the need for additional publication venues
  • Promoting WAC-related research and publications of its members

All Research and Publications Committee Members

Glenn Blalock, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi
Christopher Basgier, Auburn University
Jake Castle, Middle Tennessee State University
Min-Seok Choi, The Ohio State University
Thomas Deans, University of Connecticut
Kimberly Donovan, U of New Hampshire at Mantchester
Heather M. Falconer, Curry College
Gracemarie Mike Fillenwarth, Rowan University
Susanne Hall, California Institute of Technology
Jennifer Hartshorn, Savannah College of Art and Design
Ashley Holmes, Georgia State University
Jacob Kaltenbach, Purdue University Global
Jacqueline Kauza, The Ohio State University
Kathleen Turner Ledgerwood, Lincoln University
Callie Messerschmidt,
Debbie Olson, Missouri Valley College
Michael Pemberton, Georgia Southern University
Gilma Linette Ramirez,
Daniel Ruefman, University of Wisconsin -- Stout
Hany Zaky,


Minutes from the Research and Publications Committee meetings are available to all AWAC members.