WAC Graduate Organization (WAC-GO) AWAC Committee

The Writing Across the Curriculum Graduate Organization (WAC-GO) recognizes the Association for Writing Across the Curriculum as its parent organization. The organizations collaborate on the mentoring of graduate students and other projects that align with both of their missions, and these collaborations are decided collectively on a case-by-case basis. While WAC-GO has its own officer selection process, held separately from AWAC, WAC-GO’s Chair sits on the AWAC Board to represent graduate student interest in the organization’s deliberations. In addition, WAC-GO submits a budget request and report to AWAC annually.

Visit the WAC-GO website for more information.

WAC-GO Job Market Preparation Survey

The WAC-GO Executive Committee is seeking respondents for our WAC-GO Job Market Survey in order to better prepare graduate students entering this phase of their career. We are interested in responses from both those recently on the job market themselves as well as those who have been a search committee member for a WAC position. Access the survey. Thank you for your feedback!


All WAC Graduate Organization (WAC-GO) AWAC Committee Members

Whitney Jordan Adams, Clemson University
Jake Castle, Middle Tennessee State University
Anuj Gupta, Ashoka University
Allie Sockwell Johnston, University of Tennessee
Anna Alexis Larsson, CUNY Graduate Center
Heather Listhartke, Miami University
Mandy Olejnik, Miami University
Thomas Polk, George Mason University
Amanda Presswood,
Gilma Linette Ramirez,
Daniel Ruefman, University of Wisconsin -- Stout
Alisa Russell, Wake Forest University
Keli D Tucker, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Hany Zaky,


Minutes from WAC-GO Committee meetings are available to all AWAC members.