WAC Summer Institute (WACSI) Committee

The WACSI Committee develops and leads an annual Summer Institute. This Summer Institute is intended to help new and prospective leaders strengthen their WAC/WID programs or similar initiatives in the US and internationally, but it is also aimed at supporting more experienced directors who may be facing new challenges or who are seeking to revitalize their programs. In addition to an overall theme, specific topics for the workshops are determined based on participants’ interests and goals. Small-group meetings afford mentoring and networking opportunities; individual consultations with institute leaders are also available. All participants can expect to leave the event with a clear perception and practical strategies for building or revitalizing their own campus-based programs.

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Elected Committee Members

Selected Committee Members

  • Current Lead Facilitator: Cris Elder, University of New Mexico
  • Incoming Lead Facilitator: Dan Melzer, University of California, Davis
  • Outgoing Lead Facilitator: Chris Anson, North Carolina State University
  • Planning Member & Facilitator: Al Harahap, CUNY