WAC Summer Institute (WACSI) Committee

WAC Fall Institute 2021_Graphic for IWAC

The WACSI Committee’s primary goal is to develop and lead an annual Summer Institute that assists new and prospective leaders of WAC/WID or similar initiatives in the US and internationally with planning and developing their programs. The Institute also supports experienced directors who face new challenges or wish to expand, update, or revitalize their programs. The WACSI Committee developed the WACSI Guidelines and Protocols, a document that lays out the committee’s mission, history, membership, governance, records, and budget.

Find all the details about the upcoming institute here.

Elected Committee Members

  • Current Chair & Facilitator: Alisa Russell, Wake Forest University

Selected Committee Members


Minutes from WACSI Committee meetings, as well as WACSI Budget sheets, are available to all AWAC members.