Mentoring Committee

AWAC sees mentoring as a vital and exciting way to create impactful and equitable WAC projects across campuses. Because mentoring is a situated activity, this AWAC Committee is charged with facilitating opportunities for various WAC stakeholders. This includes, but is not limited to, providing larger learning opportunities for those interested in adopting WAC pedagogy (e.g., through the WAC Institute and virtual workshops), assisting with the partnership of graduate students with senior members of the community (e.g., through the WAC-GO mentoring initiative), pairing early career academics interested in research with mentors, and providing guidance for administrators interested in program development and assessment (e.g., through virtual workshops and the WAC Board of Consultants). This Committee will endeavor to think broadly so as to have the greatest reach, including identifying opportunities where we can enact positive WAC evolution/change.

All Mentoring Committee Members

Amit Anshumali, The University of Chicago
Sara Austin,
Christine Burgoyne, Virginia Tech
Cameron Bushnell, Clemson University
Pamela B Childers, The McCallie School
Amy Cicchino, Auburn University
Lindsay Clark, Sam Houston State University
Ming Fang, Florida International University
Pamela Flash, University of Minnesota
Lauren Garskie,
Joanna Johnson, University of Miami
Jacqueline Kauza, The Ohio State University
Caitlin Martin, Miami University
Mary McMullen-Light, Johnson County Community College
Dan Melzer, University of California, Davis
Dr. Justin Nicholes, University of Wisconsin- Stout
Thomas Polk, George Mason University
Gilma Linette Ramirez,
Daniel Ruefman, University of Wisconsin -- Stout
Stacey Sheriff, Colby College
Hany Zaky,
Michele Zugnoni,


Minutes from the Mentoring Committee are available to all AWAC members.