Communications Committee

The Communication Committee is responsible for:

  • creating channels of communication between AWAC and other organizations, public relations outlets, or digital resources appropriate to AWAC’s goals, interests, membership, and potential membership, as needed to carry out the work of the organization; these may include listservs, PR offices, social media outlets, and websites;
  • ensuring that the work of AWAC is publicized in the best interests of the organization’s mission;
  • bringing to the Executive Board specific concerns, ideas, or programs relating to the communication and dissemination of AWAC’s work;
  • responding to charges or requests made by the Co-Chairs of AWAC in consultation with the Executive Board;
  • liaising with those responsible for communication in closely related or partner organizations such as the WAC Clearinghouse; providing an annual report to the Executive Board with appropriate recommendations and requests.

Committee Chair

Crystal Fodrey


Josef Vice
Lisa Tremain
Mike Palmquist
William J. Macauley, Jr.
Tom Sura
Daniel Ruefman
María María Cardona
Stacey Sheriff
Sarah Zurhellen
Michelle Marvin
Jessica Jorgenson Borchert
Gabe Morrison