Deadline: September 15th

Have anything exciting happen/happening in your WAC-related program? Please share what’s happened—or is happening—lately in your WAC-related program, using a quick Google form.

We’d love to collate and report news, both big and small, from WAC-related programs around the world in our upcoming Fall AWAC Newsletter.

So, please send a sentence or two or three: a blurb, a teaser, a tiding.

Not sure what to share? Find some ideas below:

  1. Are you leading/have led a workshop for faculty members?
  2. Do you have a new or revised WAC/WID requirement?
  3. How many WAC-related sections or courses are happening this fall?
  4. Do you have a speaker/development series coming up?
  5. Have you developed some new materials?
  6. Have you published something or have something ready to submit?
  7. Have you hired a colleague or staff member?
  8. Have you had a modest breakthrough with a department or faculty member?
  9. Are you addressing a new challenge? How so?
  10. Did your “summer vacation” include a WAC project or publication?
  11. Do you have a question you wish someone might address?

Big or small, modest and routine to grand, share your news along with your name and school to be featured in our “Back to School” story for a column in the next AWAC newsletter.