2020 AWAC Election Results

The AWAC Executive Board is excited to announce the results of the 2020 AWAC Election.

Ann Blakeslee, Eastern Michigan University, has been elected to the position of Incoming Chair of AWAC, effective July 1, 2020. She will serve for three years, rotating to the positions of Chair and Past Chair.

Pamela Flash of the University of Minnesota and Michael Pemberton of Georgia Southern University will serve as Co-chairs of the IWAC Committee. Until their terms start (July 1, 2020), they will serve as Interim Co-chairs, in place of Margaret Marshall, who has stepped down. We thank Margaret for her leadership as the inaugural chair of this committee.

Kristi Girdharry of Babson College will serve as Co-Chair of the Communications Committee. Until her term starts (July 1, 2020), she will serve as Interim Co-chair, alongside Lisa Tremain, as nominated by the Communications Committee and approved by the Executive Committee.

Also on the 2020 AWAC ballot was a change to the articles of incorporation to expand the Executive board from 19 to 25 members, to allow for co-chairs and the formation of new committees. This change passed, with 95.49% of voters in favor of the change.

We thank all AWAC members who took part in this election. The next election will be in January 2021, when the positions of Incoming Chair and Committee Chairs for all but the IWAC Committee will be open.