Announcing the AWAC Board of Consultants

We are
happy to announce the AWAC Board of Consultants!

The AWAC Board of Consultants are AWAC members who have expertise in WAC program administration and pedagogy, and have been vetted by the AWAC Mentoring Committee and AWAC Executive Committee. These consultants may be contacted with invitations to lead WAC workshops, review WAC programs, and promote WAC program development.

We thank the AWAC Members who applied to serve on the Consultant Board. We also thank the AWAC Mentoring Committee Chair Dan Melzer and members Lindsay Clark, Ming Fang, Jacqueline Kauza, Justin Nicholes, Mary McMullin-Light, Greer Murphy, Pam Childers, Tom Polk, and Amy Ciccino for their work in assembling this board.

about the AWAC Board of Consultants may be found under “Resources” on the AWAC website.

Seeking Nominations for Incoming Chair

AWAC will be holding an election for the position of Incoming Chair at the end of January. This is a three-year commitment, as this person would cycle into the Chair and Past Chair positions. To read more about the responsibilities of this position, see our bylaws, article 5.02. The term will start July 1, 2020.

You may nominate an AWAC member for this position by providing the nominee’s name and contact information. You may nominate yourself for this position by providing the following information:

  • Your contact information and institutional affiliation
  • A short bio (100 words)
  • A short statement (100 words) on why you wish to serve as Incoming Chair (brainstorming prompts: What do you hope to accomplish as an AWAC board member? What is your vision for AWAC? What perspective and/or experience would you bring to the board?)

Nominations and self-nominations are due by January 17, 2020. Nominees must be in good standing with AWAC. Nominations may be sent to AWAC Chair Michelle Cox at

AWAC is now certified as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization!

Over the past three years, the AWAC Working Group and then the AWAC Executive Board worked diligently to certify AWAC as a 501(c)(3) organization, and on November 27, 2019, we received word that our application has been accepted!

This certification means that AWAC is recognized as a non-profit organization by the IRS, is exempt from federal income taxes, and is able to receive tax-deductible donations. This certification process was complicated, as it required many hours developing documents, meeting with a lawyer, scrutinizing forms, and learning legalese.

AWAC is indebted to Past Chair Jeff Galin for spearheading this process. Since December 2016, Jeff worked closely with the lawyer to first certify AWAC as a non-profit holding company in the State of Florida and then as a 501(c)(3) organization. Jeff kept the ball rolling for these three years, paying attention to every detail throughout the process, facilitating conversations within the AWAC Executive Board, and acting as a liaison with the lawyer. We thank you, Jeff!

Save-the-Date: 2020 WAC Summer Institute (Registration opens Dec. 16 @ 1:00 EST)


We are pleased to announce that the 2020 WAC Summer Institute will take place May 31 – June 3, 2020 (prior to the IWAC Conference), at Colorado State University. 

Details about the 2020 WACSI can be found in this Save-the-Date and on our website

The Institute’s primary goal will be to assist new and prospective leaders of WAC/WID or similar initiatives in the US and internationally in planning and developing their programs. The Institute will also support experienced directors who face new challenges or wish to expand, update, or revitalize their programs.  

Registration will open on Monday, December 16, at 1:00 PM EST. The registration site link will go live on the WACSI website at that time.

Additionally, all WACSI alumni from the 2019 and 2020 institutes are invited to attend a special IWAC workshop on Thursday morning, June 4, covering WAC assessment and research. More details to come! 

Email with any questions you may have, and we hope to see you in Fort Collins!

AWAC members receive discount on IWAC registration

Registration has opened for the 2020 International Writing Across the Curriculum (IWAC) Conference. This conference will be held from June 3rd through June 6th on the campus of the Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado.

AWAC members receive a $30 discount on registration. To learn more about the conference, visit the conference home page: To learn about registration, go to:

Call for Incoming Chair Nomination for the CCCC WAC Standing Group

The CCCC Writing Across the Curriculum Standing Group, established in April 2017, organizes a business meeting and a panel or workshop for the Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC) annually.

The purpose of the WAC SG is to:

  • Discuss possible areas of need in writing across the curriculum, writing in the disciplines and writing across communities research within CCCC and in secondary schools, colleges, and universities in the US and abroad
  • Provide a space for writing across the curriculum, writing in the disciplines, and writing across communities researchers to network with others in the community with complementary research projects
  • Advocate for writing across the curriculum, writing in the disciplines, and writing across communities within CCCC and in K-12 education in the US and internationally
  • Foster mentorship for graduate students, faculty, and administrators interested in WAC
  • Organize special-topic CCCC panels and/or workshops on writing across the curriculum, writing in the disciplines, and writing across communities

Read the WAC SG bylaws here

 Become a member. By becoming a member of the WAC Standing Group, you become eligible to vote for the WAC Standing Group incoming chair as well as stand for election. Standing Group members must be current CCCC members. To become a CCCC WAC SG member, complete this brief form

Nominate yourself or someone else to be the Incoming Chair. The Incoming Chair assists the Chair and Outgoing Chair in selecting a Sponsored Panel or Sponsored Workshop, planning the business meeting, and planning other WAC SG activities. This is a three-year commitment, as the Incoming Chair rotates to Chair and Outgoing Chair. To nominate yourself, send a brief statement (100 word limit) to current chair Jeff Galin ( by Oct 20th. To nominate another, send their name, contact information, and the reason for your nomination to Jeff by Oct 17th

Call for Proposals to Host the 2021 WAC Summer Institute

The Association of Writing Across the Curriculum (AWAC) invites proposals to host the third annual WAC Summer Institute, to take place in the summer of 2021. 

The WACSI is a three-day event intended to help new and prospective leaders strengthen their WAC/WID programs or similar initiatives in the US and internationally, but it is also aimed at supporting more experienced directors who may be facing new challenges or who are seeking to revitalize their programs. 

The Local Host has the opportunity of welcoming the ~35 WACSI participants and facilitators to their campus and city for the event. Responsibilities include serving as the primary contact for the local site and managing site logistics and budgets (rooms, technology, food, dorms, etc.).

Additional details about the WACSI and the proposal process can be found here

Deadline for proposal submission: December 31, 2019
Acceptance notification: March 1, 2020
Planning meetings begin: June 15, 2020 

Email with any questions. We forward to receiving your proposals! 

AWAC Board of Consultants Application

The AWAC Mentoring Committee is forming an AWAC Board of Consultants. The goal of an AWAC Board of Consultants is to provide a support system and external feedback for WAC directors, for institutions seeking to form WAC programs, and for faculty across disciplines seeking help with faculty development for teaching with writing. To submit an application to become a member of the Board of Consultants, complete the online form at by October 1st. Consultants must be AWAC members.

CFP: IWAC 2020

We are pleased to announce the call for proposals for the 2020 International Writing Across the Curriculum Conference. The conference will be held June 3rd through 6th at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado. 

This conference marks the 50th anniversary of the first WAC seminar, which was led by Barbara Walvoord at Central College in the 1969-1970 academic year. We look forward to marking this important anniversary with sessions that address the broad categories of celebrating successes, recognizing challenges, offering critique, and advancing innovation. We seek your help in creating a rich set of presentations, roundtables, workshops, and teaching demonstrations and hope that you will consider spending time with us in the foothills of the beautiful (especially in June) Rocky Mountains. 

And the best news: AWAC members receive a $35 discount on conference registration!

You can learn more about the conference at You can submit proposals at The deadline for proposals is Monday evening, October 14th, 2019. 

CFP: Conference on Writing Education Across Borders

Posted on behalf of Xiaoye You. The deadline for proposals has been extended to May 10. The conference organizers are interested in having more proposals from WAC/WID scholars.

Conference on Writing Education across Borders, 2019
Days Inn Penn State, State College, PA
September 27-28, 2019

Writing Education and the Resurgence of Nationalism

Around the globe, isolationist/populist/anti-immigrant national rhetorics and policies are on the rise, as can be seen in recent highly publicized and controversial events – Brexit, the Hungarian election, backlash against Syrian migrants. In the U.S. in particular, such nationalism has resulted in violent family separations and the use of force against migrants at the border. The effects of xenophobic ideologies have also been felt within academia: US-based transnational faculty and students have been caught up in immigration bans, undocumented students face deportation, and future international student visas are increasingly uncertain. At this moment, writing faculty have an opportunity to support their transnational students and colleagues, as well as shift their pedagogy to cultivate cosmopolitan attitudes which may, in effect, counter these broader xenophobic ideologies and enable students, international and domestic, to work across not only national and political borders, but also social, racial, economic, religious, and linguistic ones.

In this conference, we will explore what it means for us as writing teachers, as program administrators, and as university citizens to teach in an era of isolationism. Participants might address the challenges of teaching writing in xenophobic conditions, reflect on the ways that national political environments in diverse contexts are shaping writing education (transnational or not), and share methods for creating partnerships to counter xenophobia and nationalism.  We invite proposals on any area of writing education across borders, particularly proposals which grapple with questions such as the following:

  • How have isolationist political actions impacted our students, our institutions, our pedagogy and/or our writing curricula?
  • How are international educational partnerships created, sustained, utilized and developed? What political, ethical, and/or practical challenges arise in the administration of such partnerships?
  • In the past, how have isolationist rhetorics or actions impacted writing education?
  • How can we as writing educators be more active and visible in our institutions’ efforts to work against xenophobia?
  • In an isolationist era, how can composition teachers and scholars promote teaching that fosters open-minded and cosmopolitan attitudes?

Proposal submission:
Please submit proposals (250 words) here. Proposals are due on May 10, 2019.

Questions regarding proposals and the conference should be sent to: Xiaoye You, 410 Burrowes Building, University Park, PA 16802, USA   Email: