Moving WAC to the Web: Using GSOLE OLI to Create Resources for Online Writing Across Disciplines

This workshop explored how GSOLE’s “Online Literacy Instruction Principles and Tenets” can frame online literacy instruction across disciplinary contexts. By focusing especially on the first principle—accessibility—the webinar leaders engaged administrators and instructors in a process of linking principle to practice. More specifically, the webinar leaders described their own experiences with developing accessible online course materials, which involved using Blackboard Ally. Then, participants were invited to share their experiences and to collaboratively respond to a course design scenario. This webinar thus responded to a gap between national documents and local practice and focuses on how to develop local practices to support the first principle, accessibility.

Responding to Writing

This virtual workshop was offered on September 17, 2020 by the AWAC Mentoring Committee and was led by Pam Childers (McCallie School), Kelli Cargile Cook (Texas Tech University), and Chris Thaiss (University of California, Davis). In this workshop, Pam, Kelli, and Chris focused on sequenced response and peer review, response to the expressed needs of writers, connections between purpose and audience for both writer and respondent, and features of responding to writing in online environments.