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Filling Your WAC Backpack: Starting Your WAC Program Prepared

This virtual workshop was offered on November 15, 2019, by the AWAC Mentoring Committee and was led by AWAC Members Chris Basgier (Auburn University), Michelle Cox (Cornell University), and Joan Mullin (University of North Carolina Charlotte).

This online workshop was designed for anyone who is starting, or thinking of starting, a WAC program at their institution. The panelists began with a discussion of the relationships and distinctions among WAC pedagogy, WAC initiatives, and WAC programs. They then provided brief overviews of the WAC programs they’ve led, after which they described the essential contents of a “WAC Backpack”: the characteristics and habits new WAC administrators need when initiating conversations about WAC and building sustainable programs. Throughout and at the end, the panelists responded to questions posed by participants about challenges of developing WAC programs in specific contexts. The video (see link below) includes the chat, in which participants crowdsourced responses to questions about favorite resources to share with disciplinary faculty, approaches to dealing with challenges, and the moments of joy that make WAC program leadership worthwhile.