Advocacy Committee (Inactive)

The advocacy committee works to promote the intellectual, human, political, and economic capital of the writing across the curriculum community to better support and grow WAC as a global intellectual tradition through lobbying at local, regional, and national levels; encouraging research on the impact of WAC policies and programs; initiating resolutions and statements to be adopted by K-12, colleges, and universities, as well as other national organizations like NCTE, MLA, TYCA, ATTW, and AAUP. The committee is especially dedicated to advocating on the behalf of graduate students and adjunct faculty engaged in writing across the curriculum work. This committee also works with associated partners like the WAC Clearinghouse, WAC-GO, IWAC conference, WAC institute, WRAB, and the CCCC WAC Standing Group to distribute and sustain the results of its efforts and to support the advocacy efforts of those other organizations.

All Advocacy Committee (Inactive) Members

Sherri Craig, West Chester University of Pennsylvania
Tom Deans, University of Connecticut
Kimberly Donovan, U of New Hampshire at Mantchester
Lauren Garskie,
Susanne Hall, California Institute of Technology
Megan Haskins, Auburn University
Joanna Johnson, University of Miami
Peggy Johnson, Saint Mary's University of Minnesota, Winona
Erika Scheurer, University of St. Thomas
Ashley Shaw, Georgia State University
Stacey Sheriff, Colby College
Erin Workman,


Minutes from Advocacy Committee meetings are available to all AWAC members.